Unparalleled service and support is our goal

Reliability has been synonymous with Dukane equipment from the beginning. Today our products are exclusively engineered and manufactured at our headquarters in St. Charles, Illinois using Total Quality Management (TQM) principles and ISO 9001 standards. But our reliability doesn't stop with our equipment.

We meet our agreed delivery dates. We customize equipment to meet overseas criteria such as NAFTA or CE requirements when necessary. We stand by you after our equipment is delivered, because we understand that the success of your project depends on a perfect blend of your part design and our equipment, tooling and setup. Our sales engineers assist you with installation, making the necessary adjustments that will optimize your application. We ensure you're up and running before we go home.  With our network of local Dukane representatives, technical support is never more than a telephone call away.

We train your plant personnel how to set up and operate the equipment. We conduct a full curriculum of educational seminars in basic and advanced principles of plastic and ultrasonic assembly methods. We offer a variety of product and process technical literature, as well as an industry-regarded newsletter filled with hands-on features and tips for improving your assembly processes.

Efforts like these assure that you start - and stay - in full production. And they allow us both to better meet the demands of ever-changing manufacturing techniques and systems. At Dukane, we're always looking for ways to provide you with unparalleled responsive, personalized service.

Telephone Assistance

When you call Dukane Ultrasonics, you may speak to any member of our management, engineering, sales, marketing, or service staff (subject to their availability), whether located at the headquarters, the Regional Technical Centers, or any other location around the world.

Email Assistance

View our Contacts page for a list of email addresses.

Regional Technical Support

Should you experience a problem with an application or a Dukane Ultrasonics product, in or out of warranty, one of our field representatives will respond. All territorial representatives and regional service technicians have major ultrasonic components to give you quick service, demonstration, and even application feasibility testing and determination. Note: Local support options differ in various parts of the world.

Click a link below to contact your local Dukane representative or Dukane's corporate headquarters for the service available in your area.

Factory Support

When application or equipment problems cannot be readily identified and subsequent service or loaner equipment (subject to availability) would not be beneficial, we'll send a factory representative to your facility to solve the problem. Note: Factory support options differ in various parts of the world. Contact your local Dukane representative Dukane's corporate headquarters for the service available in your area.  View our Equipment Repair page for more information.