Dukane IAS Europe Office - Czech Republic

After 5 years of continuous, year-on-year growth Dukane IAS is once again expanding its European facility in the Czech Republic!

"We didn't just need more space for something, we needed more space for everything" says Brian Yamato, European Regional Manager for Dukane IAS. "We have added more CNC machine capabilities, more inventory, more laboratory and testing facilities and most importantly we have more talented people. Our growth in Europe has been nothing short of phenomenal! With all of the world class competitors already based in Europe we knew that we had to bring innovative solutions and real value to the market if we wanted to earn new business."

The message from the market has been clear: faster delivery, better solutions and lower costs are what is needed to thrive in today's challenging markets. We listened and we deliver. Our ability to recruit and train top-notch, local engineers, tool designers and other technical staff in the Czech Republic has enabled us to consistently outperform the competition. Our European tool making capabilities have dramatically shortened our delivery lead times.

We recently expanded (November 2014) the tool shop in our Czech office.  Click the photo below to zoom in.

We invite you to call or arrange a visit to our Tech Center to test an application on any of our ultrasonic welding machines, or just exchange ideas with our technical specialists!

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