Ultrasonic Plastic Welders

Dukane's patented iQ Advanced Servo Plastic Welders are the next step in the evolution of ultrasonic welding technology. Combining the efficiency and reliability of a 100% digitally controlled Multi-Core iQ Series power supply with the precision of an advanced servo press, the Dukane Advanced iQ Servo PlasticWelder delivers unprecedented repeatability, accuracy and reliability to your ultrasonic bonding process.

What is Ultrasonic Welding?

Vibration Welders

Linear vibration welders require no additional materials and provide energy efficient operation with permanent assembly and hermetic sealing. Other advantages include large part capability, internal joints, immediate handling, high production rates and entrapment of other parts. These vibration welders can handle painted and mold release parts.

What is Vibration Welding?

Custom Engineering

From simple to complex, Dukane can design and build an assembly system for your application(s). Many of the systems we build feature servomotors, optical part sensors, indexing tables and sound enclosures.

Ultrasonic Food Processing

High quality ultrasonic food processing and cutting equipment including generators, converters, cutting blades, guillotines and slitters. Dukane Ultrasonic food cutting technology has been continuously improved over our 30 years in the business. All ultrasonic food cutting equipment and tooling designs undergo many months of reliability testing before being approved for food grade applications.

What is Ultrasonic Food Processing?

Fabric & Film Processing

Complete line of ultrasonic equipment for fabric and film processing: ultrasonic lace and sewing machines, slitters and ultrasonic cutting systems. Since applications tend to be specialized, Dukane ultrasonic fabric and film processing machines offer you the flexibility to accommodate your specific needs in terms of feed rates, material thickness and widths, or handling requirements.

What is Ultrasonic Fabric & Film Processing?

Spin Welders

Advanced, high quality spin welders in standalone or fully automated units for today's advanced applications. Dukane spin welders work with most thermoplastics, will accommodate large diameter parts, and easily achieve hermetic seals. Dukane's spin welders provide precise control of the melt temperature and contain the ability to weld large, complex parts.

What is Spin Welding?

Heat Staking Thermal Press

Thermal Presses heat the staking post/insert while applying pressure axially to permanently set the parts. Thermal press applications include heat staking, inserting, embossing, date coding and degating.

What is Thermal Heat Staking?

Hot Plate Welders

As the ideal assembly solution for medium, contoured, or complex thermoplastic parts - hot plate welders are designed for versatility and easy tooling changeover to accommodate a variety of parts. Typical hot plate welding applications include fuel tanks, reservoirs, taillight lenses, and vent ducts. The hot plate welders easily achieve hermetic seals, and finished part weld strength approaching that of the virgin material.

What is Hot Plate Welding?

Laser Welders

Nearly all thermoplastics can be welded using the proper laser components. Special additives/pigments also allow laser welding of dark to dark materials as well as transparent to transparent combinations.   Laser welding of thermoplastics depends on many of the same rules of resin compatibility that the other processes do, but is more forgiving of resin chemistry or melt temperature differences than most other plastic welding processes.

What is Laser Welding?