Heat Staking Thermal Press

Servo Controlled Heat Staking Thermal Press

  • Servo Thermal System offers the highest level of machine control in the industry.
  • A combination of efficient servo control technology and years of thermal plastic joining experience.
  • Servo control in the Z-axis allows for precise and fast control of your thermal applications.
  • The ability to run small, medium and large parts and applications that require high precision and repeatability.
  • Easy integration with other automation technologies to meet specific customer requirements.

Pneumatic Heat Staking Thermal Press

  • High quality heat staking machine designed for full production
  • Available in different Models
  • Provides with the ability to assemble small, medium and large parts
  • Easy integration with other automation technologies to meet specific customer requirements.

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Thermal Presses heat the staking post/insert while applying pressure axially to permanently set the parts. Advantages of the thermal heat staking / inserting process include:

  • Reliable permanent inserts
  • No particulates or noise
  • Multiple level inserting/heat staking
  • Multiple size inserts
  • No whitening when degating
  • Better cosmetic appearance when heat staking and swaging
  • High tolerance to mold release, colorants and other additives
  • Tolerant of resin grade variations and regrind percentages
  • Low initial equipment cost
  • Ease of operation and assembly
  • Handles slippery thermoplastics
  • Easier maintenance in a low-tech environment

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Thermal press applications include heat staking, inserting, embossing, date coding and degating.

Automotive industry for door panels, map pockets, light-pipe staking, consoles, arm rests and switch clusters.  Medical applications include blood-processing equipment, chemical pumps, fittings, flow meters, IV drug delivery and surgical instruments.  Consumer Product applications include personal computers, portable telephones, laser printers, copy machines, video games, speakers and appliance components.  Industrial applications include conveyor systems, gears, pulleys, couplings, and motor housings.  Thermal presses are also used in Toy Manufacturing and the Sporting Goods industry.

Dukane heat staking thermal presses can work with a variety of materials including most amorphous and semi-crystalline thermoplastics as well as liquid crystal polymers.  Some difficult to weld plastics are well suited to the thermal process including lubricious materials such as PTFE.  Soft thermoplastics such as PE and PP react favorably to thermal inserting along with brittle materials such as 50% mineral-filled PPO (Ryton) which flakes when subjected to ultrasonics.  Call Dukane for a complete list of materials suitable for thermal inserting/heat staking.