iPosition System

Dukane's iPosition system is designed for manual assembly applications like
  • Ultrasonic staking of multiple weld posts
  • Ultrasonic inserting
  • Ultrasonic spot welding or attachment of shoddy pad materials

The unique iPositions features include

  • Multiple setup storage
  • Quick teach mode with password protection
  • Programmable Part in place sensing input and
  • Programmable Part clamping output



The iPosition system consists of a Dukane hand held ultrasonic probe system. Typically iQ LS power supply, with Weld by Energy and patented trigger by power. The iPosition system can also be configured to operate with other ultrasonic hand held systems you might already own.

  • Hand probe and Ultrasonic Horn designed for the particular welding application
  • A Ergonomic counter balance arm
  • A Part nest
  • And the iPosition control module with intuitive color touch screen interface.

Most users will integrated the iPosition into a manual assembly station, or ask your Dukane representative to provide a quote on a turnkey assembly station.


iPosition Menu Screens

Main Setup Screen

Function Select Screen


Output Setup Screen

4 Weld Points Ordered