Ultrasonic Welders

iQ Series ES Servo Ultrasonic Welding Press System

Dukane's patented iQ Servo Welder is the next step in the evolution of ultrasonic welding technology.  Combining the efficiency and reliability of a 100% digitally controlled Multi-Core iQ Series power supply with the precision of an advanced servo press, the Dukane Advanced iQ Servo Welder delivers unprecedented repeatability, accuracy and reliability to your ultrasonic bonding process.

  • Dynamic Servo Motion Control
  • Integrated Melt-Match® Technology
  • Robust Rigid Mount Construction
  • Reliable Validation and Calibration
  • Superior data acquisition

View our August 2011 article in Plastics Technology magazine about the benefits of our servo controlled ultrasonic welder.


iQ Servo Advantage

iQ Dynamic Servo Motion Control - NO Pneumatics!

Integrated all-electric true servo technology eliminates the variability associated with pneumatic press components resulting in improved process repeatability and accuracy. Dynamic Servo Motion Control technology delivers precise control of ultrasonic stack velocity, force and location providing a more optimized and robust process.

  • Repeatable and accurate Servo Motion Control
  • Integrated Melt-Match® Technology
  • Dynamic Velocity Melt Initiation (DVMI™)
    • Precise velocity/force control during initial application of sonic energy allowing for optimization of joint melt initiation. (Patented)
  • Programmable stack velocity and location control
    • Reduction in cycle time.
  • Ideal for integration into automated assembly systems where high precision and reduced variability is desired.

Calibration and Validation

100% digital all-electric control simplifies the calibration and validation process. By removing the pneumatic components, validating your ultrasonic welding process has never been easier and is ultimately more reliable. The advanced all electric press and digital control features of the iQ Series welder will assure that your calibration/validation will stay in tolerance for a longer time. This provides more confidence in the welding output between calibration schedules while maintaining system repeatability.

  • Simple calibration procedure - no pneumatic components to adjust
  • Only one device required for calibration (Force Sensor)
  • All other parameters validated (no adjustment - functional tests only - distance, time & velocity)
  • Optional Dukane calibration/certification prior to shipping.
  • Dukane calibration technicians available for on-site calibrations as required


No pneumatics = NO compressed Air!

One of the highest cost manufacturing today is associated with energy required to generate compressed air for pneumatic operations. It is estimated that only 50% of the compressed air generated is used for operation; the rest is lost due to leaks and waste.

iQ FDA Compliance

  • Multi-level password protection
  • Process change audit history and documentation (FDA part 11)
  • Indexed quick change tool system
  • UDI - Unique Device Identification
    • Integration with barcode scanner and/or laser marker system for FDA documentation.
  • No operator accessible adjustment knobs or controls.
    • Ensures validated process remains unchanged.
  • All mechanical changes require a specific tool.
  • Clean room friendly
    • No air exhaust to filter
    • Stainless steel panels
Studies show that precisely controlling the velocity of the ultrasonic stack during the welding cycle provides increased weld strength and reduced variability. Dukane's Melt-Match® technology precisely matches the velocity of the ultrasonic stack with the melt flow velocity of the plastic material ensuring optimum molecular intermingling. This produces stronger, more reliable weld results when compared to pneumatic systems.
  • Precise and reliable velocity control with iQ Servo
  • Programmable multi-point velocity profile
  • Programmable static or dynamic (by distance) post weld hold  

The graphing features of the iQ explorer software make process (Melt-Match®) optimization simple.  An optimized weld process will create a constant power output throughout the melt phase of the weld cycle




Process Capability (Cpk) - Third party independent study comparing competitive high end pneumatic welder against Dukane iQ Servo. Results demonstrate a large increase in the Process Capability Index (Cpk), proving the iQ Servo's superior welding process.


iQ Generator/Power Supply Features

Precise ultrasonic welding requires a consistent and robust power supply. The Dukane iQ Power Supply's 100% digital control with 0.5 ms multi-core processing rate collects twice as many data points during the welding cycle when compared to the current generation of ultrasonic power supplies. The increased processing speed improves repeatability and enhances the reliability of your welding output and programmed quality controls.

iQ Press Features

  • Linear servo actuator with integral roller screw mechanism.
  • 5" (127mm) stroke 20 kHz, 3.5" (89mm) 30/40/50 kHz with electronic teachable mechanical stop. Adjustable in .001" (.025mm) increments.
  • Top-of-stroke limit switch for automation application
  • Compact, single-rail linear ball slide assembly system offers accurate positioning, stable movement, and friction-free travel.
  • Linear distance encoder with 1 μm resolution.
  • Thrust capacity 20kHz 560 lb (2500 N) 40/30/50kHz 150 lb (660 N) 15kHz 1200 lbs (Super 20)
  • Programmable trigger force .1 lb resolution (1 lb 20 kHz version) Ideal for precise delicate assemblies.
  • Programmable home position for reduced cycle time and setup optimization.
  • Ergonomic base and cycle activation switches reduce operator fatigue.
  • Status indicators in base for Power, In Cycle, and Abort clearly communicate system conditions.
  • Twist-release emergency stop switch meets international safety standards.
  • Ultra-Rigid support provides reduced deflection for superior weld consistency. Column crank and gas strut assist ensures easy setup. Column can be locked to eliminate unauthorized adjustments. Standard round support columns available.

iQ Press Options

  • Wide band transducer.
  • Patented resonant mount booster.
  • Longer press columns to increase part load area height.
  • 19" (483mm) rack or press-mounted generator option.
  • Systematic Ultrasonic Assembly (SUA) training computer based interactive training modules. Modules include; Basic Ultrasonic Assembly, Advanced Ultrasonic Assembly and Advance Process Optimization.


Digital Features

  • 100% digital control of all power supply functions and parameters allows for unique configurations and future upgrades or requirements. 
  • Industry leading data acquisition rate speed of .5 ms due to advanced multi-core architecture.  Increased weld accuracy and repeatability.
  • Digi-Trac tuning automatically tracks the resonant frequency digitally.  Adjust the output frequency to match the acoustic stack (sonotrode, booster, and transducer).
  • Ultrasonic overload protection, with status indicator for ease of troubleshooting.  The overload power limit is based on true RMS power output level.
  • Line voltage regulation compensates for line fluctuations assuring consistent amplitude. 
  • Pulse-Width Modulation design delivers power more efficiently with substantially less stress on the electrical and acoustic components for superior performance reliability and extended life.
  • Linear ramp up (soft-start) algorithm brings the acoustic stack to operating amplitude smoothly, minimizing startup surges and abnormal stresses to the stack and power supply.
  • Load regulation provides constant ultrasound amplitude automatically regardless of the power draw.  The ultrasonic output amplitude level is held to within +/-1% to provide weld process consistency and reduced weld cycle times.

Mechanical Features

  • Flow Through Cooling tunnel with a matched high performance heat sink and thermostatically controlled fan reduces thermal gradients, minimizes dirt infiltration and increases component life.
  • RS232 serial configuration port is used for field software upgrades, troubleshooting and advanced hardware setup with optional PC based iQ configurator.


  • Advanced I/O is standard with 25-pin output, and 15-pin input, user configurable from the utility menu.  
  • Unique Patent pending modular hardware design incorporates motherboard/interconnect of internal components.  Reduces internal cabling while increasing reliability and performance.
  • Rear panel expansion slots are available to allow for custom configurations for OEM and cost effective custom solutions.

Menu Controls

  • Primary and secondary weld control parameters Time, Distance,  Energy, and Peak Power.
  • Bad and suspect process limits include Time, Time and Energy and Peak Power, with discrete outputs.  These programmable limits provide the means to adapt to a wide variety of welding applications.
  • Amplitude adjustment in 1% increments from 100% to 20% through front panel or remote (4-20) mA. 
  • 16 setups with individual user ID. (including Amplitude %)
  • Programmable softstart and softstop amplitude can be used to reduce stress on acoustic stacks, or for high-speed application to achieve full amplitude in as short as .010 seconds.  Factory configurable settings also available.
  • User-accessible programmable advanced hardware settings allow changes to Free Run Frequency, Frequency Lock/Hold and Frequency Limits - providing advance settings for difficult acoustic stacks.
  • Selectable frequency lock and hold feature system ignores digi-trac automatic tuning feature and locks to startup stack frequency helps in difficult applications where the stack couples with a product.
  • Programmable frequency bandwidth,three selectable factory settings or user programmable windows for unique acoustic stacks and applications. 
  • Afterburst control includes delay and duration time settings.


User Interface Features

iQ Explorer Graphic User Interface

  • Windows operating system uses familiar file folder menu structure, requires no special training to program and operate.
  • Touch screen input for ease of programming. All welder setup parameters are programmed from one menu page.
  • Ethernet connectivity for connection to local area network or stand-alone applications.
  • Supervisory password control features for lock-out of system controls.
  • Remote connectivity to Dukane"™s 24-hour hotline for system diagnostics and troubleshooting ensures minimized down time.

iQ Process Control

To optimize the welding process and produce the strongest and most consistent weld results, it is critical to look at all phases of the welding process for each application.

Pre-weld Control

  • Programmable home position
  • Two-stage programmable down speed, allows for fast approach prior to trigger and reduces cycle time.
  • Patented Trigger by Power or pretrigger by distance modes.

Weld Controls/Modes

  • Linear optical encoder with a one-micron resolution over five inches of usable travel for excellent precision and repeatability.
  • Melt-Detect. Velocity is static until system senses material melt transition. This reduces part stress and provides superior bond strength. (Patent Pending)
  • Programmable motion control modes
    • Speed mode allows for either constant or 10-segment velocity profile during weld phase.
    • Force mode allows for either constant or 10-segment force profile during weld phase.
  • Weld by Energy delivers a specific amount of energy to the part.
  • Weld by Distance controls the collapse distance to ensure that the same volume of material melts on each part so the finish joint strength is consistent.
  • Weld by Absolute Distance controls the finish part height to yield uniform assemblies.
  • Weld by Peak Power terminates the ultrasound when the available joint material is completely melted.

Post-weld Control

  • Dynamic hold method allows for precise programmable collapse distance and programmable collapse speed, ensuring overall part collapse is accurate.
  • Static hold method stops motion at a fixed position for a programmable length of time during the hold phase


  • iQ Explorer operates on Windows operating system independently of the ultrasonic system.
  • Usable on most computer platforms, desktop, tablet, notebook or industrial PC, and does not require proprietary hardware from Dukane.
  • The image on this screen is user configurable and tied to the part setup file. You can upload an image of the part. This gives immediate recognition that the correct setup is being used to control the welding process for that part.