DPC IV Plus Dynamic Process Controllers™ 

Integrated Process Control Systems

DPC IV Plus ultrasonic generator has added Hot Keys which permits quick access to frequently used commands and faster setup. It offers five welding modes of Time, Distance, energy, Peak Power or Mixed Mode capability, modular design, a 4-line data display and two separate color displays for power output and system status. Digital amplitude control is standard as well as a unique dual-pressure mode which allows changing the welding parameters and clamp pressure during the weld cycle.

Its data sampling feature permits downloading or internal storage of up to 10,000 data points. Its Advanced I/O option gives it unrivaled versatility for interfacing with automation equipment. The serial and parallel ports are compatible with Hewlett Packard LaserJet printers. The generator's regulated universal power supply automatically switches for operation from 90-130 VAC or from 180-260 VAC, which is a more desirable solution than manually changing transformer taps.

The power and frequency range has also been expanded. The generators are available with power ratings from 100W to 4000W and cover a frequency range from 15kHz to 70kHz. Dukane has the expertise and resources to provide you with technical assistance, no matter how simple or complex your needs. The units are designed and manufactured in the United States, CE certified and backed by a 3-year North America Warranty. Upgraded Ultrasonic Generator Gets More Power and Hot Keys.


Data Sheet: DPC IV - Dynamic Process Controller´┐Ż (DPC)