Film Feeder System

This machine is equipped with a Film Feeding system. This Film Feeder is used to promote good welding with NO marking on visible "class A" surfaces. It does this by providing a sacrificial layer of plastic sheet between the welding horn and the welded part. This additional layer of plastic serves to fill in microscopic irregularities between the horn and part which would normally act as points of motion. By filling this space, the part couples with the horn better and improves the energy transfer into the part at the desired energy director area, thus eliminating marking on ornamental surfaces.

There are three models of film feeders - EX-1002-00, EX 1004 -00 and EX-1002-10.  EX-1002-00 is for films up to 6" wide films and EX-1002-10 is for films wider than 6" and not more than 10" wide. EX-1002-00 is supplied with a 6" film roll and EX-1002-10 is supplied with a 8" wide film roll. Designed to fit 3.5" round column systems.  EX-1004-00 is for films up to 6" wide films, EX-1004-00 is supplied with a 6" film roll. Designed to fit 2.75" round column systems.

The control panel has a power on switch, manual film advance and an adjustable timer to adjust the amount of film fed under the horn.


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