Ultrasonic Accessories

Sound Enclosures

Isolate your equipment's noise with a sound enclosure from Dukane. Sound enclosures fit all Dukane press models and comes in two standard sizes, with custom sizes available. Rear panel access for easy press installation and easy access to press mounted controls

Film Feeder System

A film feeder is used to promote good welding with NO marking on visible "class A" surfaces. It provides sacrificial layer of plastic sheet between the welding horn and the welded part. The part couples with the horn better and improves the energy transfer into the part at the desired energy director area, thus eliminating marking on ornamental surfaces.

Corrugated Box Welders

Dukane's iQ family of integrated corrugated plastic welders provides a fast and simple way to weld, stake, insert, swage, or spot weld a wide range of applications including boxes, crates, lamp shades, rope splices, and tube closures. Its unique design allows the horn travel and throat depths necessary to assemble a variety of parts in many sizes.

iQ Series EZ Ultrasonic Stapler

The iQ EZ Stapler can weld films, non-woven materials, coated and laminated packaging, and foil packages. Thermoplastics such as PET, PERG, PE, PP, PVC and PVA are all appropriate for use.   The iQ EZ Stapler can be integrated into an automated system.

iPosition System

The iPosition system consists of a Dukane hand held ultrasonic probe system. , an ergonomic counter balance arm, a part nest and the iPosition ocontrol module with intuitive color touch screen interface. Typically consists of an iQ LS power supply but can be configured to operate with another hand held system you might already own.

Ultrasonic Welder Tooling Stack Cover Torque Wrench

Dukane recommends using a Torque Wrench for the Ultrasonic Welder cover (door) that contains the Ultrasonic tooling stack on the system. A maximum torque of 40 in/lbs for each of the four socket head cap screws to preserve the integrity of the threads in the casting.