Find Videos for your ultrasonic welding and plastic assembly needs.

Ultrasonic Welding

    6- Axis Robotic Ultrasonic Plastic Welder
    Custom Ultrasonic Welding Unit
    Handheld Ultrasonic Welding With the iPosition System
    iQ Series EZ Ultrasonic Stapler
    iQ Series Servo Controlled Ultrasonic Welding System
    iQLogiX™, to simplify the configuration of work cells
    Servo Ultrasonic Welding ISTeP (Industrial Standard Test Part)
    Servo-Control X-Y Positioning System for Plastics Assembly
    Ultrasonic Welding Geocell Product
    Work Cell Welding Innovations

Ultrasonic Cutting and Sealing

    Demonstrating Ultrasonic Cut and Seal of Filter Media to Rigid Plastic
    iQ Series EZ Ultrasonic Stapler
    Narrow Gauge Slitting
    Precision Ultrasonic Cutting Demonstration
    Rotary Ultrasonic Welding
    Ultrasonic Cutting & Sealing of Woven & Non-woven Textiles
    Ultrasonic Cutting on a Multi-Axis CNC Machine
    Ultrasonic Plunge Bonding of Non Wovens - Dukane Ultrasonics
    Ultrasonic Rotary Drum Bonding - Dukane Ultrasonics
    Ultrasonic Sealing of Valve Bags
    Ultrasonic Slitting
    Ultrasonic Traversing
    Using an Ultrasonic Knife to Cut Carbon Fiber

Laser Welding

    Laser Welding Work Cell to join Clear to Clear Plastic

Spin Welding

    Dual Servo Spin Welder & Melt Match Technology
    Dual Servo Spin Welder Demonstration

Vibration Welding

    Linear Vibration Welding Demonstration
    Vibration Welder 5000 Series
    Vibration Welder Quick Tool Change System
    Vibration Welding Concept

Hot Plate Welding

    Hot Plate Welding Process
    Plastic Welding & Cassette Style Hotplate Tooling

Ultrasonic Food Processing/Cutting

    Ultrasonic Cutting - Various Food Products

Dukane at Trade Shows

    NPE 2015 - Orlando, FL

Holiday Seasons with Dukane

    Welding Christmas Tree Ornaments in Santa's Workshop
    Welding Snow Globes in Santa's Workshop
    Welding - The Hottest Toys in Santa's Workshop