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    Dukane’s ISTeP – New member of Eastman Tritan Medical Toolkit (3/29/2017)
    Dukane presenting at The 46th Annual Ultrasonic Industry Association Symposium (2/15/2017)
    Monitor the performance of your Vibration Welding System by utilizing Dukane's patented 'Q' Factor Technology (8/4/2016)
    New White Paper at Upcoming SPE Events - A Great Platform for Plastic Industry (2/24/2016)
    Success Story about Team Work and Tenacity - Vibration Welding Toyota Tonneau Cover (2/24/2016)
    Intelligent Assembly Solutions for Medical Devices (6/30/2015)
    Servo driven Ultrasonic Welding technology provides sophisticated results in assembling Mini Medical Device (5/6/2015)
    Dukane’s Ultrasonic Technical Seminars a great opportunity to sharpen your saw and get better results (4/9/2015)
    Ultrasonic Cutting - Various Food Products (2/27/2015)
    Plastic Welding Technical Tip - Weld them while they are hot (2/12/2015)
    Dukane’s Contribution in Advance Research and Education to strengthen New Talent in plastic technology: (1/8/2015)


    Dukane’s ISTeP---Gaining Industry Wide Recognition as a Standard Test Part (10/28/2014)
    Dukane IAS, Exhibiting at Upcoming Trade Shows (9/30/2014)
    Using a Buffer Sheet in the Ultrasonic Welding Process (7/24/2014)
    Dukane Japan at the Medical Device Development & Manufacturing Expo in Osaka, Japan (10/14/2013)
    Aesthetic Assembly - The Art to Attractive Bonding (7/16/2013)
    Assembly Demands Grow for Medical Plastics (6/5/2013)
    Experiments in Reducing Residual Stress with Dukane’s Servo-Driven Ultrasonic Welder (4/30/2013)
    Experiments in Velocity Control with Dukane’s Servo-Driven Ultrasonic Welder (4/11/2013)
    Tech Center Shines! (3/15/2013)
    Advantages of Servo Driven Ultrasonic Welder (2/22/2013)
    Dukane Announces ISTeP - An Advanced Test Part (2/12/2013)
    Dukane Donates Equipment to Bioplastics Characterization Lab (8/14/2012)
    Why am I getting inconsistent parts? (8/3/2012)
    Ultrasonic Staking 101 (6/27/2012)
    Leo Klinstein of Dukane presents at 2012 UIA Symposium (5/17/2012)
    Dukane at NPE 2012 in Orlando, FL (3/30/2012)
    Boost Performance, Speed, Economy with Servo-Controlled Welding (12/15/2011)
    A Primer to Spin Welding (9/23/2011)
    What Amplitude is needed to weld my plastic components? (7/28/2011)
    Dukane IAS receives Illinois Export Excellence Award (7/18/2011)
    Novel Combination Locking Cap for Prescription Drugs (4/29/2011)
    Dukane RFI Filter for Ultrasonic Plastic Welders (4/13/2011)
    What method would I use for Multiple Slit Applications - Narrow Gauge or Standard Slitting? (4/6/2011)
    Dukane Awarded 2010 Ringier Prize for Innovation for Servo Ultrasonic Welding System. (11/17/2010)
    Understanding Ultrasonic Horn, Booster, Transducer Mating Surface Flatness (10/6/2010)
    Ultrasonic Boosters (9/28/2010)
    Effect of Black Colorant on Ultrasonic Staking. (9/24/2010)
    The 6 quick steps to a successful ultrasonic assembly (9/13/2010)
    How Tight is Tight Enough? (8/31/2010)
    Vibration Welding and Compatibility of Materials (8/27/2010)
    Dukane black and gold helps the world be more "green" (7/14/2010)
    When should I consider using ultrasonics to cut my food product? (7/14/2010)
    Myths and Tricks to Successful Thermal Heat Staking (6/29/2010)
    Ultrasonic Welding Effects on Hearing (6/29/2010)
    Tony and Paul pull an all-nighter (6/16/2010)
    Thermal Heat vs Ultrasonics (6/1/2010)
    The Benefit of Resilient Fixtures for Ultrasonic Plastic Welding (5/25/2010)
    Dynamic Balancing of Linear Vibration Weld Tooling (5/11/2010)
    Composite Ultrasonic Horns (5/4/2010)
    Dukane Participated in 2010 UIA Symposium (5/4/2010)
    What Happened to Your Ultrasonic Weld Quality? (3/16/2010)
    How does your Ultrasonic Probe/Stack work? (3/11/2010)
    What are the effects of Ultrasonics on your Health? (3/10/2010)
    New or used equipment? Buy or lease? How do I decide? (1/27/2010)
    Trigger by Power Feature Aids Weld Consistency (1/26/2010)