Dukane History

1922 Operadio Founded
1925 Dukane used as brand name
1927 Operadio stops making radios
1928 Operadio Relocates
1933 Operadio builds displays for World Fair
1934 Operadio goes into receivership
1936 "The Explainette" is developed
1940 Government Work
1945 Operadio resume manufacturing of its own brand
1945 Audio Visual formed
1949 Loudspeaker Division sold to employees
1950 Core products designed
1951 Operadio becomes Dukane
1954 CSD and AV Divisions become separate divisions
1960 Dukane becomes incorporated
1962 Jack Stone becomes CEO
1963 Contract Division created
1965 Gaming division created and dissolved
1968 Jack and brother buy company from their father
1969 Pingers to be used on commercial airlines
1969 Ultrasonics Division formed
1970 Founder J McWilliams Stone passes away
1970 First welder sold
1983 Seacom Division formed
1988 Tech Center added
1989 Dukane acuires Poetker Industries
1991 Dukane adopts TQM
1992 All major shareholders are appointed to Dukane's B.O.D
1994 Dukane acquires C.S.E
1996 Dukane receives ISO 9001 certification
1997 Dukane 75th Anniversary
1999 Jean Stone becomes COO
2001 Jack Stone celebrates 50 years with Dukane
2002 CSD is sold to SPX (Edwards Systems)
2002 Mike Ritschdorff becomes CEO
2002 Brad Johnson is hired as CFO
2002 Chuck Clark returns to lead Ultrasonics
2005 Jack Stone allows management to buy the Company
2009 Seacom Division is sold to Heico Corporation
2009 Vice Chairman, J. McWilliams (Jack) Stone, Jr. passes away