Ultrasonic Welding Solutions - Dukane Ultrasonic Assembly Equipment

Assembly Solutions



Airliner ventilation components, lighting components and pressure valves are possible applications of Dukane's plastics assembly equipment.



Whether it’s a small circuit board or a large complex part, Dukane has the right equipment to handle all kinds of houseware and consumer applications.



Inside, outside and under the hood, a significant number of parts in your car require some kind of plastic assembly and we’ve worked on just about all of them.

Fabric and Film

Fabric & Film Processing

Our Fabric and Film Technical Center works with every kind of woven and non–woven material in rotary, slitting, plunge and traversing applications.


Is there a rule for deciding when to use ultrasonic cutting? Yes, when conventional processes cannot give you the results you need. The same properties that make ultrasonic technology perfect for welding plastics may also provide you with an advantageous solution for cutting your difficult food products.


Equipment used to produce medical devices must often be calibrated and verified. If you require Statistical Process Control records for FDA approval, we have the solutions you can trust.

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Whether it’s pour spouts, tubes, pouches, handles, clamshells, corrugated containers or blister packs, we’ll make sure your package is as good as the product inside.


Most toys and children’s products require a reliable and non–toxic assembly solution. We work with you to determine the best solution.