Continuous improvement, advanced product innovation, responsive and personal customer support

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Continuous process improvement is a focus that runs through everything we do. It starts with the development of new technology, then moves to your plant floor with cost-saving application of new ideas and finally to corporate issues like global compatibility and certification.

Ongoing research for productive and innovative solutions in product design revolutionizes new standards for plastic assembly. Computerized process control, process validation and data analysis result in shorter, more efficient manufacturing cycles. Dukane offers technology and equipment that is reliable and controllable - and backs it up with unparalleled service and support.

Aerospace Applications

Dukane welders create welds that equal the strength of the original material with clean and consistent operation. Processes include ultrasonic welding, fabric and film, vibration, spin, hot plate and metal welding as well as thermal press and platen thruster operations.

Airliner ventilation components, lighting components and pressure valves are possible applications of Dukane's plastics assembly equipment. Click here for assistance with your Ultrasonic application.