Visual Presenter and Document Camera Systems

Document Camera

Resolution: XGA, SXGA, UXGA Zoom: 6x mechanical/4x digital

Resolution: 400 TV Lines Zoom: 50x Magnification

Resolution: WXGA Zoom: 16X

Resolution: SXGA Zoom: 16x Magnification

Resolution: SXGA Zoom: Digital
Visual Presenter

Resolution: SXGA Zoom: 

Resolution: SXGA Zoom: 

If you are looking for a visual presenter or document camera system that focuses on quality, functionality and flexibility you need, look no further than Dukane. To make even better presentations, consider the quality of the industry's leader of visual presenters, packed with innovative features. For the excellent lightness, brightness, sharpness, clarity, and contrast you'd expect, Dukane's document camera systems are there for you.

With a large range of document camera systems and visual presenters, Dukane is sure you'll find the model you'll need. Even if you are an on-the-road presenter, or stand in large auditoriums, your needs will be met. Our visual presenters feature switchable A/V Inputs, just so you can have the freedom to change from computer to video input. A Dukane document camera also can carry an 11X power zoom lens, so you are able to display materials such as B4 documents and 35mm slides. Pick out your perfect system today!