Company Profile

Company Facts and Figures

Established: 1922
Ownership: Privately Held
Corporate Headquarters: St. Charles, IL
Number of Employees: 275
Certified: ISO9001 (DQS) - Registration Certificate
ISO9001 (IQNet) - Registration Certificate

Quality Policy

We deliver defect-free products and services, which meet the agreed-upon requirements of our customers. Through process improvement, we strive to continuously improve our quality and customer satisfaction.

Mission Statement

Dukane Corporation's mission is to serve customers in the commercial, industrial and institutional markets as a value-added provider of products and services which are the "standards of comparison" in each of their chosen markets. Further, the corporation will generate a level of earnings which meet or exceed the requirements of its shareholders, and provides for continued reinvestment in the corporation.

Corporate Executives

CEO and President
Michael W. Ritschdorff
Vice President of Administration
Terry Goldman

Corporate Overview

Dukane Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer and marketer of advanced technology products. A privately held corporation for more than 80 years, Dukane is organized according to three divisions which offer such diverse products as audio visual presentation products and ultrasonic thermal and friction assembly systems. Dukane's principal manufacturing and distribution facility is located in the Chicago western suburb of St. Charles, Illinois.

Dukane's Divisions

Audio Visual Products Division
Dukane's Audio Visual Division provides sophisticated presentation solutions for businesses, governments, churches, and educational institutions across the country. Dukane AV supplies data video projectors, document cameras, visual presenters, overhead projectors, flat panel monitors, screens, mounts, and more. Offering dynamic projection systems with integrated control software, Dukane can design custom AV configurations for any application large or small.
President: James Locascio
Director of Products & Technology:  Ron Ohlhaber
Trade Names: ImagePro, Starfire, SunSplash
Intelligent Assembly Solutions Division
Designs, manufactures and supplies advanced technology plastic welding solutions used in manufacturing operations throughout the major industrial regions of the world. In addition they develop and apply their high power ultrasonic technology to other industrial applications such as cutting tacky and abrasive materials, welding of metal components, sieving, and fluid processing. The division is headquartered in St. Chales, IL but has operations in Europe and China and factory trained sales and service representatives in the major industrial regions around the world.
Division President: Michael Johnston
National Sales and Marketing Manager for the Americas: Jason Barton
Director of Sales & Marketing for Asia & Europe: Russell Witthoff
Trade Names: : iQ, iQ LinQ, iQ LogiX, iQ Explorer, iQ Servo, iQ Dual Servo, iPosition, Melt Match, Dynamic Velocity Melt Initiation (DVMI), Dynamic Process Controller (DPC), IPC, UltraCom